Hey! You Know What’s Easier to Manage… ?

Hey! You Know What’s Easier to Manage… ?

Hey! You Know What’s Easier to Manage…

My old Blogger, blogs!

No really. I’ve just been working on my Roadrunner Books (Store) blog, because, I am fairly sure the static site is all but cloaked on the net these days, where blogs are what count as websites these days and it hit me, the relative ease with which I was able to go back and edit posts or post to begin with.

Partly I’d chosen Blogger…

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The Creation of the Humanoids

The Creation of the Humanoids

Creation of the Humanoids

Man’s Own Creation! Can He Control Machines That Produce People?

OK. This movie had a direct influence on my Neo-human story, Synthetic, Electric Romance.

Welcome to the drive-in:

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Rossum’s Universal Robots [RUR]

Rossum’s Universal Robots [RUR]


The Edward Alderton Theatre, 2012 production of R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) presented for your edification.

Helena Glory visits a robot factory on a remote island and seeks to imbue the artificial workers with a soul — with terrible consequences….

Kentish Times:


Play’s utopian vision rings warning bell for humanity

Mark Campbell’s production of Karel Capek’s 1920 play Rossum’s…

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Sunday Surprise

Rodney C. Johnson:

Nice, Joleene! This is a really good idea!

Originally posted on creative barbwire (or the many lives of a creator):

… and it’s a guest! Another leg of her blog tour… please welcome Amaranthine author Joleene Naylor and – erm – her guest! :)

blog tour bannerHello! Joleene Naylor here, the author of Children of Shadows, book six in the Amaranthine series. First I’d like to thank Barb for letting…

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The Arcadia





Space Pirate Captain Harlock‘s, space battleship Arcadia. There are a few variations on it. One is blue without the skull and crossbones, and another has a huge blade under the prow.

This is what I kind of like my space ships to look like.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 film)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 film)


From Megan Fox‘s Facebook Page:

In what is sure to be the pinnacle of my career in terms of my own
overjoyed fangirlness…behold the trailer for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Go Ninja Go Ninja GO!


I’d been geared up to hate this. And yet — It looks pretty good. I like the Turtle designs. Also it appears, they’re still…

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So, Transfans Are…

So, Transfans Are…


So, Transfans are just like Trekkies. Everything is always wrong, with whatever incarnation happens to be current of whatever show/movie/character they happen to like.

Well. At least Geekdom is consistent in its schizophrenia.

A few thoughts. Of course I loved Generation One Transformers, though in retrospect there’s a whole lot of silly in it. Some of that has to do with the era in which it…

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The Ghost Of Optimus Prime…

The Ghost Of Optimus Prime…


So, are we to infer that the new series will simply be titled: Transformers? Note, the original series was titled THE Transformers – Which actually is a fact I’d forgotten, having always simply referred to it as  Transformers.

Looks like the action will take place mainly on Cybertron.

Ah yes, anyone who has seen Predacons Rising, the series ending of Transformers: Prime is aware that Optimussa…

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Charmeine by Emily Guido

Charmeine by Emily Guido

Originally posted on Jo’s Random Book Reviews:

I’ve had this book for awhile and finally decided that was it, I was reading it – and I’m glad I did.

Tabbruis and Charmeine begin the book as angels, but something is going on in heaven. Something big. They part, both worried, and when Tabbrius wakes on earth he has no memory of who he is except a name. He quickly discovers that he’s become a…

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New Transformers Series for 2015

New Transformers Series for 2015


Your new leader-class, Bumblebee! With Will Friedle as his voice.

 The Hub Network, champions of family fun and the only network dedicated to providing kids and their families entertainment they can watch together, announced today that a new animated series is currently in production for the globally renowned TRANSFORMERS brand. Set to debut in early 2015, the new action-packed series is being…

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